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Wallet icon Coin icon Odměna 110 000 Kč - 130 000 Kč / měsíc
Timer icon Forma spolupráce Full-time / 80% Remote
Briefcase icon Sektor Informační technologie
Location icon Lokalita Praha
Termín nástupu 01.07.2024
  • anglický flag anglický - aktivně, B2/C1/C2

Popis nabídky

  • maintaining strong working relationships with current clients is essential, a proactive approach will contribute to client satisfaction and retention
  • actively seek new opportunities by exploring untapped markets, building relationships within these markets will be crucial for business growth
  • stay informed about market trends and use this knowledge to design service offerings that meet client requirements effectively
  • work closely with these teams to deliver projects and products using agile project management methodologies, frequent learning and iteration are key components of this process
  • partnering with the Product Manager, defining the roadmap for each product, involves translating this roadmap into actionable user stories that guide development efforts
  • represent the products from a business perspective to both external stakeholders and internal clients, effective communication and understanding of business needs are crucial
  • leading the collaborative planning process, prioritizing tasks based on team capacity and capability, this ensures the efficient execution of work
  • oversee a multidisciplinary team, ensuring effective coordination and alignment across various functions
  • ensure that all products meet the appropriate quality standards for their development stage (alpha, beta, or production)


  • have a proven track record in effectively managing development teams, this includes overseeing their work, fostering collaboration, and ensuring successful project delivery
  • ability to build and maintain strong relationships with business stakeholders is crucial, effective communication and understanding their needs are key
  • showcase your success in business development activities, this includes creating compelling business cases for new services or offerings
  • familiarity with product development in areas such as analytics, big data, or machine learning is highly desirable, understanding the nuances of these domains will be advantageous
  • a solid grasp of the software development life cycle is essential, this knowledge will guide decision-making and ensure efficient project execution
  • while not mandatory, expertise in project or product management is a valuable asset, experience in planning, prioritization, and execution will enhance your effectiveness
  • experience working with or implementing agile methodologies is beneficial, adaptability and flexibility are key traits in an agile environment
  • open to travel, with an expected commitment of up to 20%, this allows you to engage with clients, explore new opportunities, and strengthen relationships
  • experience with Norwegian culture, it’s a definite plus, cultural sensitivity fosters effective collaboration and understanding
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Máš zájem o tuto nabídku?
Doporučit IT specialistu Znáš někoho, komu by se tento projekt hodil? Doporuč ho a získej odměnu!

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