Experience and fresh perspective

Experience and fresh perspective

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…that and much more is RPO in your business. To improve efficiency and optimize internal personnel costs is a frequent requirement of companies. The RPO model is an increasingly popular choice, which helps companies optimize the recruitment process. This is doubly true in the competitive professional market of today.

The right candidates must be found quickly and effectively. This challenge is easily fulfilled by experienced recruiters who use their skills as part of the RPO program directly with the client. 

What is it all about? 

“RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) is a service whereby an external supplier leases the services of an experienced recruiter to the client. For a certain time and for a certain purpose, the recruiter becomes a part of the client’s recruitment team.”

Explains Petr Rajchert, IT recruitment team leader, who is responsible for the RPO programme in TITANS.

“The recruiter usually works on-site with the client and takes on a part of their recruitment agenda. The scope of an RPO consultant varies from sourcing new candidates, process management, to employer branding or the implementation of a new ATS.”  

The RPO service can last for months or even years, which is one of its advantages. If a member of the HR department in a company goes on leave, their absence can be filled in by an external recruiter. We try to establish at least six-month co-operations:

“Because our recruiters are not standard contractors, we want to give them security and not to subject them to frequent project changes. If we pulled our people out after the first few months, they would be leaving the projects when those become interesting. The happiness and mental wellbeing of our people is at stake,” says Petr. 

Why hire an external recruiter? 

First of all, the company acquires an experienced recruiter, who usually has a deeper knowledge of the current market. They come with valuable know-how from diverse projects, and we also pack a few work tools for them when we send them to a new client – software and hardware with our complete database. Compared to an agency recruiter, the RPO consultant has a much deeper insight into the company and is therefore more sensitive to the client’s needs. The Titans are used to delivering results, they are performance-oriented, and they are, in a sense, businesspeople. They do not shy away from picking up the phone and they miss no candidate.   

An already mentioned advantage is the contractual relationship between the employer and the RPO consultant. It is possible to agree on a certain period, or let the recruiter go when there is no need for them in the company anymore. Without further expense, without regrets.  

Benefits to the recruiter 

There are several reasons why to undertake the adventures offered by the RPO programme: 

“First of all, the recruiter is more efficient. The very fact of them acting like an internal employee of the company raises their response rate and based on the amount of information they can work with, they achieve a higher number of placements. It is also a great opportunity to step out of the routine of agency business which is fast-pace and demands constant switching of focus between clients and positions. It is a chance to add interesting brands to the CV and raise one’s reputation. Nobody will take that away from you,” Petr says.  

Another advantage is the opportunity to try different fields and type of work in companies of different sizes and types. The consultant gradually expands their know-how and becomes more competent with each subsequent project. 

“Networking also creates a lot of value. As an in-house recruiter, you make not only business connections but also friendships. You are a part of the work lives of the client’s employees, you go to lunch with them every day, you meet them in the office kitchen, sometimes you also attend teambuilding,” adds Petr. 

Mama, I’m comin’ home 

A recruiter who “went to see the world” directly to the client’s company through the RPO programme becomes for a limited time a part of their internal team, a part of the company. At the same time, they are still a Titan and so they are “riding two horses at the same time” in a way. It is the duty of TITANS, more specifically the team leader, to ensure as comfortable a return to the agency as possible for the team member.  

The start of a recruiter with the client is also important. It all starts with the client’s request and the selection of a suitable consultant. Aside from experience, a particular person’s desire to operate within the RPO directly with the client is also important. A round of interviews follows to make sure the client and recruiter click and the conditions are acceptable for both sides. If that is not the case, the consultant can refuse the collaboration as well as the client.  

Finally, we can sum up the advantages of an RPO in your business

  1. PO recruiters are experts in recruitment, some of their know-how will remain in the company even after their departure. 
  1. Cost-effectiveness – no need for an HR department, software, training, etc. 
  1. RPO gives companies more flexibility and provides the ability to respond more quickly to changes in recruitment. 
  1. The quality of recruitment increases, making the company more attractive as an employer.  

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