Trends in software development

Trends in software development

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Tech development and the market bring new challenges every year. It is beneficial for freelance IT specialists to follow current trends in order to be able to respond to the changing demands of the clients. What trends are emerging in the field of IT projects?

API Management platforms

Large applications offering many functionalities to the user are slowly going out of fashion. Instead, the demand has increased for smaller programmes that can efficiently cooperate with other applications across systems. 

API management platforms such as Postman are for this purpose. It can help with everything from design through development to the testing of API. Today, Postman is the most popular platform in the field. 17 million users and 500 000 companies across the world are making use of its assets including availability for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS, or its flexible and cooperating environment.  

Complex development platforms

In programme development, one of the main priorities is the highest possible efficiency. For this reason, platforms that provide everything a developer could need are becoming more and more common. 

In one place you can find tools for design, development, testing or implementation. GDevelop is an example from the game world, although complex platforms are making their way into other areas of software development.  

Another complex development platform enabling team members to cooperate on a project in real time is Liveblocks. Within one programme, the users can access everything from communication and virtual whiteboard drawing to co-editing a shared file with the code. Colleague synchronization is optimized and efficiency of everybody maximized. 

Programmes for foldable smartphones

Foldable touchscreen phones have only recently appeared on the electronics market. Two screens with a large full size bring new possibilities not only to consumers but also to developers.  

There is, for example, a huge potential for multitasking. On a large screen, manipulating multiple windows will be more comfortable and natural. Larger build of the device also allows for the use of more powerful components. So we can see new projects on the horizon focusing on the development of software intended specifically for these devices. 


It is impossible to predict tech development with certainty which tools and principles will be dominant with software engineers in the coming years. With regard to current trends, we are able to at least estimate what should developers prepare for. When it comes, you’ll be sure to see it in our list of IT projects.

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