Programs for automated testing

Programs for automated testing

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The quality of a solution and the speed of delivery – two demands that always figure high on the client’s list. Automated testing aims to achieve those goals as effectively as possible. Let’s have a look at software that makes testing a piece of cake.

Test Automation Tools

Programs designed for developers of automated tests can significantly simplify their development and implementation. Thanks to that, the team will have more time for perfecting the tests or making solutions better. We have prepared an overview of the most popular test automation software.


Katalon is a versatile platform dedicated to automated testing of APIs, web interfaces, as well as mobile and desktop applications. It boasts a large spectrum of useful functions; from parallel and sequential testing options, remote and local testing, to progress reporting. Thanks to dual scripting interface, Katalon can be used even by users less proficient in programming. More experienced programmers can develop automated tests in Groovy programming language.


Selenium is great for testing web applications. It is a test automation framework that is compatible with a lot of browsers and works with Linux, Windows as well as macOS.

Thanks to its ability to record and check back the progress of tests, it is often used in regression testing. An advantage of Selenium is that it supports various programming languages; for example Python, C#, Scala, Java, Groovy, Ruby, Perl or PHP.


The Kobiton cloud platform focuses on the testing of web and mobile applications using artificial intelligence. The automatic application crash detection guarantees quality testing in terms of performance, visual and UX attributes, functionality and compatibility.

Lambda Test

LambdaTest is a good choice for the developers of desktop and mobile applications who are looking for a cloud-based test automation tool. It supports manual as well as automated cross-browser testing across more than 2000 browser, operating systems and devices. Apart from a broad spectrum of test automation options, LambdaTest offers integration with many CI/CD tools. For example Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis CI and others.

Test automation software can make your work easier, faster and more pleasant. Plus they can be used in the IT projects we are currently offering.

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