Useful tools for programmers

Useful tools for programmers

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Productivity is no longer only about speed. The real crackerjacks in the field focus mostly on the quality of the code. But how to achieve real productivity (ideally with the least effort)?

We have put together a list of tools that help create more productive environment. Let’s have a look!


7PACE is based on the proven model of time tracking and table data input. Running in the background, 7PACE monitors work-time activity and develops detailed statistics. It is a fully integrated tool compatible with Azure DevOps and GitHub. The benefits are clear: Every team member is aware of how they use their time. The project’s management is aware of individual productivity and can organise work so that it is more effective thanks to real data.


Spectral automatically monitors the safety of the code so the team can focus on effectivity. The tool supports the scanning of almost all languages and works on many commonly used platforms such as AWS CodeBuild, Azure DevOps or JFrog. It addresses the issue of code security across the entire team working on a project and therefore helps eliminate security risks. Because a code leak could easily jeopardize the whole project.


How to overcome bad habits and build good ones? It is hard work, but the reward is increased productivity. Another useful tool – Habitica – comes to our aid here. It is an application that makes a game of building new, useful habits. The user regularly completes tasks, fights enemies and increases their level. It is a simple and fun, but also an effective way to find and maintain motivation when making new habits.


Tabnine is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence can boost productivity. It is a tool aimed at faster and more effective code writing. However, it does not just put the name to a variable or a semicolon to the end of the line. Based on provided repositories, Tabnine identifies the characteristic properties of a code and uses them to design entire lines, or even paragraphs. It can also learn from team projects.

Increasing your own productivity with a minimum of effort is quite easy thanks to modern tools, you just have to choose the right one. And then just head to our offer of currently listed IT projects.

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